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In the past year, the city has been transforming its downtown atlatl into an interactive map, which allows visitors to explore the area and locate attractions like the new Toronto Opera House, the new $7-billion Hamilton Hotel and the new, renovated Kipling Square, among others.

It also features new signs and interactive maps that offer insights about where they are and what they are like.

But there’s another map that has been a hot seller since it went live last week: a new interactive map that lets visitors explore the city as a whole.

It’s a map that includes a list of the citys biggest attractions and the locations where they’re located, which is part of the interactive mapping process that has long been a staple of the atlas.

The atlas was designed by the city, and was developed by Toronto-based map company Atlas Obscura, which was acquired by Google last year.

But it’s not the only city atlas to see a surge of visitors this summer, says Tim Wilson, the CEO of Atlas Obcs, which developed the city atlases.

There are a number of others around the world, including Berlin, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Tokyo Disneyland, Sydney, New York, Paris, Paris Zoo and the Toronto Zoo.

“It’s not only Toronto, but the world at large,” Wilson said.

He also noted that there’s been a rise in visitor numbers in downtown Toronto as well, from just under 1 million in 2015 to more than 2 million this year.

“We’re not talking about some crazy new phenomenon, but a real increase,” he said.

That surge is attributed to the new atlas, Wilson said, because it was designed to make Toronto’s downtown look like a map, even though the city doesn’t actually have any real maps to it.

Wilson said that Atlas Obcura has been working on new maps that are even better than the atlas in Toronto.

The company is looking to get a second atlas out this year that includes more information, including a map of the Toronto Skytrain and the city in general, and also more detail about where people go, he said, which will hopefully help people decide where they want to go and what attractions they’re looking forward to seeing.

“The atlas is just a great idea that’s going to really help people understand the city more, because people aren’t just looking at the atlatlas,” he added.