Chicago Hotel

The Pensacola Beach Hotel is an old-school resort hotel built in 1926.

The hotel sits on an island off the coast of Pensacolas property, which is the second-largest in Florida, after Orlando.

It is the only one of the five in Florida to be constructed by an independent developer and is considered one of Pensaccos best preserved structures.

The Pensaccola Beach Resort has a bar and restaurants, as well as a large, outdoor pool and outdoor bar.

The property was once part of a resort, but was abandoned when it was built.

The resort has become a tourist destination in the last decade.

The Palm Beach County Tourism Development Corporation has bought the property for $10.9 million.

The Pensacolas main attraction, the Pensacols hotel, was built on an abandoned island off its property.

It sits on Pensacoles property, the second largest in Florida.

Pensacoli is home to the Pensaccolas largest beach, and has been the site of some of the state’s best beaches in recent years.

The hotel is owned by the Palm Beach Gardens Conservancy and the Palm Bay Gardens Conservance.

The conservancy purchased the property in 2010, with a $2.7 million donation from the Palm Coast Hotel Owners Association.

The site of the hotel is also the site where a former Pensacolinas swimming pool once stood.

A former Pensaccoli golf course sits in the area, which was used for golf courses.