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The cost of living in a major American city is a bit like the cost of a good burger, with a few added perks.

So it makes sense to head to the beach at a discount.

But you can save big if you know when and where to go.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s a great idea.


The best beaches are the ones you can visit in a week Ocean shores hotels is one of the most popular hotels in Los Angeles, where you can stay at the luxury Ocean Shore Beach Resort for $838 per night.

The Beach Resort is the newest hotel in town, and is one step closer to its sister resort, Ocean Beach, where it opened earlier this year.

It has a full-service bar and restaurant, a pool area, a beach volleyball court, a full bar and an indoor pool.

It also has a fitness center, a bike rental station, and a fitness gym.

The hotel offers beach volleyball, indoor swimming, an indoor skateboard area, volleyball nets, a fitness lounge, a gymnasium, and fitness center lounges.

The Ocean Shore Resort is in a part of town that is full of luxury hotels.

But there are other beaches that are worth the trip.

The Pacific Ocean in the San Gabriel Mountains is the best place to see the Santa Monica Mountains, and the ocean beaches are a perfect option.

You can get a nice day’s worth of sun in the Santa Catalina Mountains, or take a stroll in the Pacific Ocean.


You’ll have a better beach vacation if you’re on vacation with a family member or friend.

If you have children or a sibling on vacation, you can get the same kind of bang for your buck if you have a few family and friends on vacation.

The cheapest vacation package on offer is the $750 package that includes a two-bedroom villa in Costa Mesa, California, and two vacation apartments in Newport Beach, California.

The resort includes a gym and tennis courts, and its gym is an indoor court that can be rented out.

If your spouse is on vacation too, there are two ways to save a little money on vacation costs.

You could also save a lot on a four-day stay at a resort like La Jolla, California for $1,150 per person.

You may also want to consider a three-day trip to Santa Monica, California with a group of people for $2,100 per person, or a three day trip to Tahiti with a small group of friends for $3,600 per person for a group that includes two adults and two kids.


The beaches are more than just the beach.

There are other perks to the ocean.

The beach is where you have the most freedom to go when you want to go for a swim.

The surf and ocean are a great place to go to play beach volleyball or kick back in your own private island.

You also can enjoy some of the best dining in the city.

A visit to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or the Golden Mile, in Marin County, are great places to visit for a bite to eat.

There is also the Pacific Palisades in Northern California, where there is a beach in the middle of nowhere that is perfect for an afternoon stroll or just relaxing on a warm summer day.


The price will be lower in Los Santos than in Los Angles.

The San Gabriel mountains are some of Los Angeles’ best locations to visit.

The Sunset Strip is a great way to get a taste of the city, while the Central Coast and the Santa Clarita-Sonoma-Santa Barbara areas are more walkable options.

You won’t find much to do in the desert in the summer, so you’ll be able to stay in one of those areas.

But the city has some great beachfront spots.

You will find plenty of great restaurants and shops on the beach, like The Great American Beach Grill, where the food is always fresh and fresh food is the name of the game.

There’s also a fantastic bar and grill in Pacific Pali, California that offers a great patio atmosphere.


The city has the cheapest apartment rents in Los Baños.

In addition to the one-bedroom, two-bath apartment for $675 per month, there is also a three bedroom, two bathroom unit for $899 per month.

It is a good deal for a city like Los Angeles that has so many high-end apartments and condos that are so expensive, but you’ll have to work harder to find the right place.


You have more time for family and leisure.

Los Angeles is home to some of America’s most popular tourist attractions.

The famous Griffith Observatory is in the heart of the valley, and Santa Monica is just a short walk away.

And the city is just north of Los Gatos, so it’s easy to get to and from any of these places.

If, on the other hand, you are