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This week, we’re all about manliness, and what it means for men and women, and why some men are better suited to running the world than others. 

For those who want to get into the meat and potatoes of what a manly lifestyle looks like, here’s what we think about it, based on the advice of men and female leaders around the world: First up, a man should be comfortable with himself. 

If you’re a guy, it’s hard to know exactly how you’ll feel when you’re the boss of someone else. 

You have to be willing to accept and deal with any discomfort, and not try to control it. 

Your partner should also be able to do the same. 

This means that you should accept your partner’s feelings and be able give them a fair hearing. 

It also means that it’s your job to make sure your partner understands that you’re comfortable with yourself and that you want to be a man in his life. 

Second, a hot-headed, hot‑footed man is a liability. 

Not only do you have to get past the initial awkwardness of being alone in a room with your partner, you have also got to be able take it in stride. 

The key here is to be accepting of your partner as he is and to respect him for that. 

Third, a woman is best suited to a man’s role. 

She’s experienced, competent, and experienced enough to manage and direct a man. 

But she’s also more likely to be driven by her own ambitions and ambitions should she choose to do so. 

Fourth, a female should be able handle her own boundaries. 

As a result, she’ll be more likely than a man to find the right balance of the two. 

Finally, it should be obvious that a man is better suited for an office environment. 

Being a manager is a huge responsibility, and while it may not be your ideal role, it would be far less stressful than being a waiter, an accountant or a salesperson. 

So when it comes to being a man, it pays to think about what you want from a man and how you can be the best of both worlds. 

Have you thought about becoming a man yet? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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