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The latest edition of The Escapist, the gaming blog that focuses on gaming, gives readers a new perspective on hotels in Spain, and the most expensive ones in the world.

The latest edition is available now on The Escampedia, and is a collaboration between IGN and our friends at The Escapedia.

You can download the full list of the best hotels in the country right here, or for a limited time, it’s a free download.

To put it in context, let’s take a look at the average hotel in the United States, which is the case in Spain.

The average hotel on the US map has an average room price of $2,957, while the average for Spain is $1,067.

And those are the average rates for the five most expensive hotels in Europe.

So, on average, the average room rate in Spain is almost $8,000 more than the average rate in the US.

The difference is due to the fact that there are many more people in Spain than in the U.S., and therefore there are more rooms for the average person to use.

It also means that the average price of a room in Spain increases significantly with the number of people in the hotel.

For example, the most popular hotel in Spain at the time of this writing is Estes Park Hotel in Barcelona, with an average price per night of $4,664.

The next most popular is the Maravilla Hotel in Madrid, with a price per person of $3,937.

And the most affordable is the Alcalá Palace Hotel in the northern region of Castile, which has a room price per capita of just $1.30.