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The Disney Company has decided to build a hotel and entertainment complex in Gujarat’s Mizoram state, the company said on Thursday.

The hotel will be called the Disney World Resort, and will feature a cinema, a water park, restaurants and shops.

“Disney World Resort will be a destination of choice for guests of all ages, providing the perfect blend of family fun and luxury,” the company tweeted.

The hotel will have about 6,000 rooms and will be opened by the end of 2020.

The Disney-owned chain will also be the first Indian hotel chain to open in Dubai.

The new hotel will feature more than 20 restaurants, including two restaurants in the movie palace, one restaurant in the resort’s convention centre, one in the hotel’s main plaza and a restaurant and bar in the entertainment area, the Disney statement said.

The Mizorami State government had said it wanted to construct a 1,200-room hotel and a 4,000-room resort in the state in the backdrop of a government-led development plan to build roads and bridges to connect the Mizorim states of Mizor and Kannur.

In addition, the state had promised to create jobs for 500,000 students in its state.

The government said it would be the second-largest hotel chain in India and would have an annual turnover of about $5 billion.

“We are excited to be working with Disney in Mizor,” Chief Minister N.K. Joshi told reporters.

The state government had planned to open a cinema in the new hotel, but had to scrap the plan after it was rejected by the Indian Cinematheque Association, which had objected to the project’s theme park-style architecture.

“The cinema would have been the first in the world for a Disney theme park,” said Rajesh Kumar, president of the Mizos Cinema Association.