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The Portland Hotel in Portland will pay $3.4 million to buy ice and other cooling equipment, an agreement that the company said was reached as part of its efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The deal is the first to be announced by the company since January, and includes a lease to use its new ice room at the Portland Marriott, which opened in June.

The agreement with the hotel is the latest in a string of large-scale deals for the hotel company in recent months.

Last year, it bought more than a dozen properties from the city of Vancouver for more than $7 million, and the Portland Hotel and Resorts, a subsidiary of the Portland-based hotel company, is looking to expand its hotel portfolio in Seattle.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales said the new agreement is a step forward in the fight against the coronas virus.

“This deal gives us some additional resources that we could use to better protect the city from coronaviruses, and to increase our health care workforce,” he said.

“We also hope this will encourage other hoteliers to join us in our fight against coronaviral illness.”

Hales said that the agreement is expected to be signed by the city and the hotel by the end of this month.

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