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The new Lincoln City hotel is now offering a new “breathing space” for guests who want a better view of the city, as it has become the most expensive hotel in the city.

The hotel, which opened in October, has been described as “the world’s first truly breathtaking terrace”, and the new “luxury suite” is designed to cater for “all of your outdoor activities”.

The “sensuous” terrace, which includes a terrace garden and spa, can accommodate a maximum of eight guests.

“We have always been a family-friendly hotel, and this is the culmination of a decade of planning, design, and construction,” said the hotel’s president and CEO, Sarah Hargrove.

Her company, Lincoln City Resorts, was awarded the contract for the project in September last year, and the hotel is currently waiting for the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to award the building permits for the new terrace.

It is the second new luxury hotel to be constructed in the US this year.

Last month, the new luxury Sheraton in New York City opened for business, and it has attracted a record number of customers, with a crowd of over 2,000.

There are currently eight luxury suites on offer at Lincoln City hotels, which include three suites in the basement.

For a small fraction of the cost of other luxury hotels, a single-room occupancy hotel is more affordable than an entire hotel suite, and is the most popular option for those wanting to stay in luxury for longer than three nights.

With this new terraced space, Lincoln will have the most luxurious hotel in Lincolnshire.

Other hotels in the Lincolnshire region have been awarded the same contract to build the new suites.

Lincolnshire’s largest hotel, the B&O Tower, has already been given a green light to build a new luxury terrace in its basement, and a second hotel has been granted permission to build suites in its former basement, with another 10 to 15 apartments to follow.

Hargroves also said Lincoln City had secured a new £20 million contract to expand its resort to include an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.