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A hotel in the city of Antigua and Barbuda is the latest to announce it is moving its 2017 summer season to the island’s southern tip amid concerns that rising seas will cause more flooding in the region.

The Bonaire Hotel Group said in a statement on Monday that it will “not be operating our Antiguan & Barbuda Resort and will instead focus on the resort in Antiguà and Barbados”.

The resort is expected to be fully booked for summer 2019, but the resort will not open its doors to the public until January.

The resort has been planning to open its hotel in July 2019, which will be the last of its four locations in Antiga-Bonaire.

Its announcement comes just a day after a British tourist was killed by a wave at the resort.

The incident occurred on the island of Antiga, about 80km (50 miles) from Antigüez.

The British tourist, 21-year-old Michael Smeeth, was killed when a wave hit him as he and his girlfriend were relaxing on a beach.

The wave also injured a man who suffered a head injury.

It is thought the wave hit the couple as they were relaxing in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The hotel was closed for several days, and the resort announced on Monday it will reopen for the 2019 season on July 31.

The Antiguay Tourism Board is organising a memorial service for Mr Smeith, with a memorial to be held on the day of his funeral.

The board also plans to organise a memorial on Tuesday in honor of Mr Sime.

Antigua’s tourism board said it was organising a commemoration for Mr. Smeesh, and a memorial for Mr Mose.