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From the very first days of construction, the new Dog Park at the University of Texas at Austin was a hot spot for pet lovers.

Its small park area was made up of dog beds and a dog-friendly restaurant and bar.

Then the university came to the rescue with a new $20 million facility, complete with a $25 million canine playground, dog swimming pool, and dog track.

And now, the park is back in the headlines, with a bill from the city of Austin that would like to demolish the Dog Park for its unsanitary conditions.

The city wants to demolise the dog park for its “unsanitary conditions,” according to the Austin American-Statesman, a newspaper in Austin, Texas.

The city council approved the measure Wednesday and sent it to the full council for a vote, which will take place on March 9.

A council member said Wednesday that the park would have to be “completely gutted,” which is “an impossible task” for any building to accomplish, the Austin Business Journal reported.

City of Austin: Dog Park is unsanitized and dangerous for residents and pets, Austin American Statesman reported.

Council member David Yee said the proposed demolition was the result of a “federal law that prohibits the city from building buildings that are unsanitized.”

Yee argued that the dog’s presence in the city was a “public nuisance.”

According to the city, the Dog Pool was built in 2008 and has been a popular spot for dogs for the past eight years.

The City of Austin does not own the property, but the property owner, a hotel, leased it to UT, the newspaper reported.

A building permit was obtained in 2012 for the building, but UT officials told the American-Stateman they were not able to meet their own building standards.

UT said the Dog Bar was a popular place for pet owners to socialize and have their pets.

According the Austin Texas Observer, UT has two dog parks and a large dog park, but they have been plagued by problems since the 1980s.

The Observer reported in 2005 that UT had a “no-pets” policy in place in 2004.

In 2011, the paper reported that UT officials were concerned about a high rate of pet deaths, and had made plans to renovate the Dog Lounge.

The paper reported in 2018 that a local shelter had been forced to relocate because of the shelter’s “no pets” policy.

The shelter was forced to move to another location after the dogs became too much of a nuisance, the Observer reported.