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In a bid to help people make the most of their holiday, Airbnb is launching a new app that lets people book a holiday at one of its hotels.

The service, which launched in the US and Australia last week, allows users to reserve their space on the platform and then book the best available rooms in advance.

The company has launched a new hotel search app called Vacation Suite to help users find accommodation near them.

The new app was launched by Airbnb in response to a “huge demand” for accommodation, and allows users “to quickly find and book a room in a hotel of their choice”, the company said in a blog post.

“We have seen that people are always looking for the best and most convenient hotel to stay at, and we want to help them do that,” the company wrote.

“As they search for the perfect hotel, Vacation suite helps them with the booking process.”

It is unclear how the service will work in the United States, where Airbnb is currently limited to booking hotels in the city of San Francisco.

Airbnb did not respond to a request for comment.

Vacation Suite will also allow users to see the prices of hotels they are interested in, the blog post said.

The app also allows users, who have already booked a room, to update their booking information and set up a new reservation for that hotel, Airbnb said.

It is not yet clear how many hotels the app will be able to find, but the service has been touted by Airbnb as a “simple, easy-to-use and fun way to discover a new holiday destination”.

It is hoped the service, if it makes its way to the UK, will help Airbnb expand into the country.

It comes after Airbnb last month revealed it was exploring new ways to attract people to its platform in the wake of its decision to scrap its popular bookings platform.

“With Vacation, we’re bringing the best of Airbnb’s business model to a whole new audience,” the site said in the blogpost.

“If you want to book your next vacation, Vacate Suite lets you do just that.”

When you book Vacation at a hotel, you’ll have full access to all of the hotel’s facilities and amenities, including the complimentary pool, spa and fitness centre, and the best rates for that same hotel.

“The company said its Vacation service is a part of its “new business model”, which it said “will enable us to make our hotel search experience more interactive, intuitive and convenient for everyone”.”

We’ll continue to listen to our guests, and will continue making Vacation as easy and convenient as possible for them.”Read more: