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How to Book a Hotel in Puerto Rican Islands article 1 of 1 Puerto Rican resorts have been hit hard by the storm.

Here’s how to book your stay in Puerto Ricos most popular tourist spots.

How to Read More , but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some excellent places to visit in the island’s main cities, like the capital of San Juan, where a plethora of hotels have been opened in the last 24 hours.

There’s also a plethora a new restaurants, some of which are offering their wares in limited quantities.

Here are our picks for the best restaurants in Puerto Rico, with more to come.

For the adventurous traveller, Puerto Rico offers a plethora to explore in its islands, from rugged mountain scenery and ancient ruins to tropical beaches and stunning beaches.

Here are our top 10 places to explore, as well as a list of the best places to eat in Puerto Ro.