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The catwalk of the Grand Budapest Hotel was built in a traditional Turkish style, but the building that houses the hotel’s luxury suites is a replica of the infamous Grand Hotel in Miami.

A decade ago, it was one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe.

Now, it is home to a growing network of drug trafficking rings, which operate across Europe.

The hotel is also the subject of a criminal investigation in Turkey.

In December 2016, a group of Turkish agents allegedly used the Grand Hotel to sell over a million euros worth of cocaine from Spain, according to court documents seen by Al Jazeera.

The investigation, launched by the Turkish Drug Enforcement Directorate (TEK) in the southern province of Adana, stems from an investigation carried out in April 2018 into drug trafficking in the hotel.

A second Turkish investigation, based in the nearby province of Diyarbakir, has revealed a significant increase in the trafficking of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine from Spain to Turkey.

The Grand Budapest has become a major hub for traffickers.

It has a sprawling casino and restaurant complex, a ski resort, and an art museum.

The Turkish Government has repeatedly rejected calls for an official probe into the hotel, arguing that the hotel has no links to the Turkish Government.

The owners of the hotel deny any wrongdoing and claim the drug trade is the main driver of tourism.

“I don’t understand the question of corruption,” said Turkish businessman Yıldırım Şakır, who was arrested by the police in April after a five-day trial in Istanbul.

“We are doing everything we can to fight against corruption and traffickers.

We are very much committed to protecting the interests of our customers.”

The Grand Hotel has also attracted international attention, and the hotel itself has been the subject, for instance, of an investigation in the US.

“The Grand Budapest hotel is a major gateway for people to come to Europe from Turkey,” said Ertan Çelik, the head of the Turkish Association of Hotel Operators, which represents Turkish hotel operators.

“That’s why it’s very important to keep a close watch on the Grand, it’s a huge part of our tourism industry.

But I would say that there are also some hotels that are doing very well.

I don’t know whether it’s all a coincidence.”

In addition to a thriving drug trade, the Grand has become an epicenter for a criminal network that smuggles illegal drugs from Spain into Turkey.

This is how it works According to a Turkish source who asked to remain anonymous, a Turkish official recently informed Turkish hotel workers in Adana that they would have to make up a list of customers for their business and pay €1,000 (US$1,850) to be eligible to stay in the Grand.

This list includes a variety of people, including politicians, diplomats, journalists and wealthy Turkish businessmen.

Turkish officials say that this list includes several Turkish nationals.

The source claimed that the list is intended to be used to smuggle drugs into Turkey from Spain and that the government is planning to shut down the hotel as a result of the trafficking.

“If the list was leaked to a foreign journalist, they could be prosecuted,” the Turkish official said.

“However, we don’t have the power to shut it down.

We don’t even have the authority to close it down.”

The hotel itself is also a major gate for drug traffickers.

Turkish agents claim that a group from Turkey recently entered the hotel and used it to ferry drugs into Spain.

According to the source, the Turkish agents also used the hotel to distribute drugs to foreign nationals in Turkey, including the head designer of the nightclub.

According a Turkish security official, the hotel is used by gangs for trafficking in illegal drugs.

Turkish authorities have repeatedly denied that there is a drug trafficking ring at the hotel or that the Grand is a source of drug revenue.

According the Turkish source, it appears that the drugs are being distributed by the hotel staff, who are then smuggled into Turkey and brought back to Spain.

Turkish sources claim that the main source of drugs at the Grand hotel is the Turkish government.

“In my opinion, the majority of drug traffickers are Turkish,” the source said.

According in the Turkish sources, the hotels owner has denied any wrongdoing.

The owner, who asked not to be named, told Al Jazeera that he is aware of the existence of a drug smuggling ring and has done everything he can to stop it.

“But it’s not our job to stop drugs from entering the hotel,” the owner said.