Chicago Hotel

WASHINGTON — A couple of days after the United States’ World Cup semifinal against Costa Rica, the hotel company that operates the R-V World Cup Hotel near the World Cup site in Lake Placid has started paying to have its name changed.

The hotel in R-Wanda has been the site of an infamous protest at the United Nations in 1990, and it was not until 2011 that it was renamed the Hotel R-Village.

The hotel has long been a controversial venue for anti-World Cup protests, with protesters throwing bottles, stones and bricks at the building.

The company that owns the hotel, Rio Tinto, says the change was a necessary step to restore public trust in the company and to prevent future protest activity.

The Rio Tashan Hotel and Resort is owned by Rio Tintin, one of the world’s largest property developers, and the company that manages the hotel has no control over the hotel’s operations, the company said in a statement.

The name change was announced Wednesday.

Rio Tintins spokesman Pedro Alves said in the statement the hotel will also pay $300 per night for additional security.

The changes are temporary and subject to the approval of the city’s licensing and planning commission.

The changes will be implemented starting Jan. 1, Alves wrote in the post.

The decision to change the hotel name was made after a yearlong review by city officials, who have not yet approved the changes.