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Huntington Beach Hotel has been listed on TripAdvisor as the cheapest hotel in Florida.

It’s a resort in Lake Worth and features two pools, a spa and a swimming pool.

It was built in 1930 and features a modern clubhouse.

It is the third-largest resort in Florida, according to TripAdvisors.

The hotel has a three-night minimum stay at $249 per night.

It also has a breakfast buffet, an outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor showers, a sauna and a bar.

In addition, there are three different pools for singles and two pools for couples, according.

Huntington is known for its beach volleyball and is known as a hot spot for the summer months.

It has been called a “totally underrated” place.

But this is no ordinary hotel.

It features a five-star rating from TripAdros.

Here are some of the reasons this resort is so expensive.


Golfing and swimming is a $1,000+ activity.

Golf, swimming, and diving are popular activities at the resort.

There are several courses at the beach and many are accessible by car or bike.

The resort also offers a large variety of water sports including kayaking, canoeing, fishing, scuba diving and water polo.

There is also a swimming beach with a swimming pit and a water slide, which you can use to swim.

The beach is open from sunset to dawn, and there is an indoor pool.

The pool area is free of charge and open 24 hours a day.

You can also rent a car, which is great for those who do not want to walk.

It costs $299 per night for adults, $249 for kids ages 12-17, $99 for kids 2-17 and $149 for ages 2-12.


There’s a “private” pool for just $99 per night, but the pool is not accessible by public transportation.

The room rates range from $99-$249 per day.

This pool is accessible by private taxi or limousine.

You will have to pay for your own transportation to the pool.

This can be very expensive.


The pools are all covered by a one-year guarantee, so guests are not liable for anything that happens to the water.

You also get a free swimming towel and a complimentary bottle of water.


There isn’t a gym in the resort, so you will have a workout in the pool and a private gym for $149 per night or $299 for adults.


There aren’t enough towels to cover everything.

There was a rumor that some pools had too many towels.

The water will stay hot for hours if you take your towel off too soon.

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There will be a one day maximum stay at the hotel.

This includes the time you spend in the spa.

The minimum stays is $199 per night and is only available to the first 20 guests per room.

There also are a maximum of two people in a single room, so it is best to stay in a double room for the weekend.


The lobby is on the first floor of the hotel and is not wheelchair accessible.


There can be some unpleasant surprises at the lobby.

The bathroom is only on the second floor and is inaccessible.


The spa has a hot tub for $299, which makes it very popular with the ladies.

The price per tub is $229 per night plus a $99 fee.


There were rumors that the spa was a $10,000 spa, but it is not.

It can be found at most other hotels, but this resort charges only $99.

This is the cheapest spa in Florida for the price.