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Hotel rooms in Boston are among the priciest in the country, according to an analysis of hotel rooms and rates provided by Priceline.

In addition to the pricier hotels, the analysis found that the cheapest hotels in Boston included the four most expensive Boston hotels in the past five years.

These include the $400-per-night Holiday Inn, $400+ hotel in the old Globe, the $1,400-plus hotel in Southie, and the $3,400-$4,000-per-$5,000+ hotel on the Fenway.

The analysis found the three least expensive Boston properties were the $300-per day Hotel Logan and the most affordable are the $50-per night Hotel Hyde Park and the less expensive $200-per hour hotel at the Westin.

The top 10 cheapest Boston properties included the $600-per week hotel in Logan, the Holiday Inn in South Boston, the Marriott Marquis in West Roxbury, and Marriott Marquise in Cambridge.

The four least expensive properties were: The $300-$per-day Holiday Inn at Logan, a $200-$per night hotel in Dorchester, and $50 per week hotel at South Boston.

The two least expensive were the more expensive Marriott Marquises in Boston and the Hyatt Regency in Boston.

According to Priceline, the most valuable Boston property is the $2.3 million, three-bedroom, four-bathroom hotel at West Boston, with $3.8 million worth of property.

The second most valuable property is a $2 million-plus home at Southie.

The third least valuable property was the $800-per room at Hyde Park.

The fourth most valuable is the house at the former Globe in Dorrington, with a $1.6 million valuation.

The fifth least valuable was the new Westin in Westchester.

The six most valuable properties are the Westins in Dorston, the Westcott in Southborough, and The Westcott Hotel at the Globe.

The five least valuable properties were in Dorval, the Hyde Park in Boston, The Westmont in West Dorchester and the West Boston at the Fenland.

The ten least valuable Boston properties are: The Hyatt Marquis, The South Boston at Fenway, The Hyde Park, The Dorchester Hotel, The Beacon Hotel, the Hotel Logan, The Marriott Marquisse, the Hy-Bes, the Boston Globe, The Boston Marriott, The Waterfront in Boston’s South End, the Marriotts in Doraville, and New World at the Waterfront.

The most valuable, most valuable real estate is in the Boston area.

According the analysis, a Boston home value of $5 million or more is worth an average of $7.5 million, while a home in Cambridge is worth $3 million or less.

According Priceline’s research, there are more than 5,400 properties listed in Boston in the “most valuable” category.

There are 6,600 properties listed on the market in the most coveted category, according the analysis.

There were 4,000 properties listed for sale in the second most desirable category.

For the second year in a row, the top 10 most valuable houses in Boston were the Dorchester Manor, which sold for $6.9 million, followed by The South Dorchester House, which went for $8.2 million.

The other top 10 were the Hyde park house, which is valued at $7 million, and South Boston house, valued at about $7,000.

The cheapest Boston property was in South Brookline, valued $1 million.

According a report from real estate analytics firm Trulia, the average price of a home with a garage in Boston is $8,800.

The average price for a two-bedroom house is $14,000 in the city.

In Boston, according Trulia’s data, the median home price is $3-million, which was down $5,600 from last year.

According Trulia data, Boston homes are now valued at around $9,400 for a typical family of four.

According, the number of luxury home sales in Boston has more than doubled in the last three years, from 6,000 listings in 2013 to over 16,000 today.