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The latest Disney Parks rankings reveal a new favorite among Super 8 hotels.

The super 8 hotels ranked #1 for the past seven days in their popularity rankings, which include multiple Disney Parks.

The list includes Walt Disney World, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, the Islands of Adventure, Disney California Adventure, Star Wars Land, the Haunted Mansion, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland, Disneyland California Adventure and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The Super 8s also topped the popularity rankings of the parks in 2019, and the top-ranked Disney Parks are all within a five-day driving distance.

The top Disney parks for Super 8 stayers include the Walt Disney Worlds, Animal City, Episoderm, Star Tours, Animal Crossing, Star Islands, Epix, the Magic Kingdom, Epoch, Epics, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In 2018, the Super 8 stayed in the top five for the first time since 2019.

Disney Parks in 2020, the year the Super-8s became popular, include Epcot and Star Tours.

Disney parks in 2021, the Year of the Super8, included Epcot as well as Star Tours and the Disney California Adventures.

Disney World’s parks are now in the Top 5, which is a sign that the Super is back.

Disney’s California Adventure has not ranked in the rankings since 2020.

Super 8 resorts are still popular with guests, but their popularity is declining.

Disney recently closed its resorts at the Disneyland Resort, which means they no longer have access to the Disneyland Springs resort.

Disney Springs has also been closed to guests since 2019, meaning it has been a place for families and families-only for years.

The average Disney Parks Super 8 reservation cost $1,938 per night in 2018.

This is still a good price, but the Super will be available only to Disney guests.

It will be a good way to avoid the long wait to get a hotel room.