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ATLANTA — The Blackjack hotel & casino is coming to Atlanta.

The Blackjeck is opening at the Ramada hotel & Casino on Thursday, May 10, and will be the first hotel and casino in Atlanta to serve as the home of a nationally-recognized casino.

The hotel & amp; casino will be one of three new casinos scheduled to open this year at Atlanta’s new downtown.

“This is an exciting time to be a casino,” said Mike Strain, president and CEO of the Blackjack.

“The Atlanta market is a unique opportunity to showcase the city to the world and to make this casino a global leader.

I look forward to welcoming guests, including many who will be coming to visit Atlanta as guests of this great hotel <amp; casino.”

The Ramada will serve as a centerpiece for the hotel &amping; casino, which will include an indoor and outdoor pool, two restaurants and a bowling alley.

The casino will also offer complimentary entertainment, entertainment and a casino lounge.

The Ramada is the newest casino in the Blackjecks casino family, with its original opening in 1994.

The Ramadas casino will serve guests of all ages, from children to senior citizens, and the casino is a great place to relax and enjoy a bowl of chips or a glass of wine.

A dining room, lounge and a bar are on the ground floor of the hotel, which is also a restaurant.

The lounge is for guests to relax, and there is a cocktail bar and bar area.

The hotel &amps; casino is located on a large, three-acre parcel of land at the intersection of Route 4 and East Lake Drive in southwest Atlanta.

At a press conference, the Atlanta City Council said it was looking forward to working with the Blackjacks and its partners, who are bringing an innovative and modern casino to the city.

The City Council also said it would seek to build a $2.2 billion project to connect the hotel to the nearby Georgia Tech campus, which the city has a lease on for 10 years.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said he was excited about the opportunity to bring the BlackJack to Atlanta and said the casino would be a welcome addition to the region.

“We have an incredible casino industry in Atlanta, and I’m excited that Blackjack will be a part of the city of Atlanta’s future,” he said.

“Blackjack is an opportunity to add a new layer of entertainment to the community.

We look forward working with them to make it a reality.”

Atlanta has long been known as a destination for gaming, and many have speculated the BlackJeck will attract casino revenue to the metro area.

However, it was never a priority for the city and instead relied on hotel rooms and casino-owned restaurants to provide revenue.

Reed said he wanted to give Blackjack an opportunity not just to bring in revenue but to create a casino that would have an impact on the city’s economy and the local economy.

“When we are looking at casino revenue, we have to look at the total economic impact and how that will be reinvested in the local communities, not just the casino itself,” he explained.

“We are looking for a business model that is sustainable, that’s based on local business.

Blackjack is a new business model.

We have a great business model for Atlanta and we are excited about being a part and creating a community asset.

Blackjack’s announcement comes a day after the BlackMacks casino opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey, bringing to a close a two-decade run that included the opening of the Mirage in Las Vegas.

The BlackJecks Las Vegas location will close May 10.

The company’s announcement also comes as Blackjack announced a partnership with a number of entertainment companies.

BlackJack will host a new event, The Blackjack Game Day, May 18 at the BlackJacks casino in Atlantic Town, which includes a live music and food event, the first live televised baseball game of the season, a VIP gaming event and a live entertainment series.