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Traveling between cities in the US can be a frustrating experience because there’s so much to see and do and the streets are packed, but Google Maps has a handy feature that lets you tap on any city and it’ll automatically add that city to your list of destinations.

Now, that feature may sound like a strange thing to ask for in a modern, connected world, but for those who use Google Maps regularly, it’s a handy addition that can really make a world of difference.

How it works The “double-click” feature lets you select a city, and then tap anywhere on the map to add it to your “add to list” list.

You’ll be able to add a city to the list when you tap it.

The first time you tap a city on the Google Maps map, it will automatically add it as a new destination to the “add city to list”.

Once you’ve added it, you’ll be presented with a list of all the cities in that city, including those that already have a “add destination” option, as well as any destinations that have been added for you.

The map will automatically update when you change a city or the list of cities.

Once you have added a destination, it’ll show a new status icon next to it, and it will say “added”.

The “add map” option allows you to add one map to your current list of maps.

Once a destination has been added to your Google Maps “add list”, you’ll need to click it in order to view it in the map.

If you click the map’s icon in the top right of the map, you can also use the “copy” button to copy the current location of the destination to your clipboard, which is handy if you’re editing a map for a family.

There’s also a “save” button that can be used to save the location as a PDF file.

You can also download a new location using the “save as” feature.

In the future, we’ll be looking into other Google Maps features that allow you to edit a destination as well.

In summary, “add location” and “save location” allow you edit your “Add map” location, as you’d edit a map of your house or apartment, and add a new one in the same way.

In some cases, you might even be able use them to save a location as part of a group tour or family reunion.

In this case, you would add a destination to a group of locations, add a route from that location to the destination, and use that route as a “source” for the destination.

You’d then need to make sure that each destination has its own destination.

Google says you can add a location to a “group” or “family” tour if you have “multiple people or groups” or if you want to add “a group of people”.

You can add destinations to your own group, and to a family reunion, if you need to add people or a group.

Google Maps doesn’t allow you add locations to groups, so there’s no way to add groups to a tour or reunion.

Google maps is the default location you see when you start using Google Maps, so you can use that for adding a destination in Google maps, and for adding routes or locations to your group.

When you add a “location” to your map, Google will automatically highlight the destination in the location panel.

If there’s an “Add destination” button next to that destination, Google Maps will automatically display the location in the main map as a destination.

This is handy because Google Maps does a better job of finding your destination when you don’t have the exact location listed on the location itself.

To add a single location to your location panel, click it.

To put a single destination on your map as your “source”, click the destination icon.

You need to “add source” to add multiple locations to the same location.

Once “add sources” is selected, you should now be presented to the map where you can tap on the “source”.

You should see a map that shows all of the cities and destinations in your area.

You’re now ready to add your destination to Google Maps.

In Google Maps’ main menu, tap the “Add location” button.

Once it appears, click on the destination you want on the new location.

When it’s done, it should appear on the same map as the “destination” you added previously.

If it didn’t work, tap “Add Source” to try again.

If your destination is missing from the map you created before, it may be because the map was not created with “add destinations” selected.

If this happens, just tap the red “Update Location” button on the top-left of the “Map” tab to bring up the “Update Map” section of the main menu.

You will need to update your map to the current version of Google Maps to use