Chicago Hotel

Hotels in Washington have become a hot spot for beach visitors.

But this week, there was a serious safety concern.

A Washington state woman says she was attacked at a hotel in the city after going to get a drink at the hotel’s bar.

It was on the weekend of Aug. 2, when a group of people were trying to get drinks from a bar.

The hotel’s security guards say the woman was in the bar with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s friend.

The hotel said it was not immediately aware of the incident, and the police department is investigating.

The man and his friend were later identified by authorities as two of the men who attacked the woman, and police say they have a photo of the attack.

The woman told KIRO 7 she didn’t want to go to the police because she didn’ t want to be charged.

But she did say she didn”t want to lose the relationship that she had with her friend.