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By the end of last year, Donald Trump had become the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

As the polls closed on November 7, Trump received about 62 percent of the popular vote.

The rest was split evenly between Republican and Democratic candidates.

But for some, the results of the presidential election were a reminder that white males in the United States were still not getting the respect they deserve.

In an interview with Vox on January 11, the author of the essay “The Cool Guys” spoke about the recent election results, his experiences of being an Asian American in the US, and the role the mainstream media has played in this situation.

In the interview, he describes how his father, a Vietnam veteran, and his mother, who had emigrated from Vietnam, both fought in the Vietnam War.

He says that his father was one of the first people he met in the military and that he had an almost uncanny knack for talking about what he experienced in the war.

“I was the first person to ask my father if he thought the war was worth it,” he said.

“I thought, ‘Well, if I was in his shoes, I’d say yes.'”

In his article, the writer also talks about the ways the mainstream press has not adequately addressed Asian American men, and why they need to be.

He writes:”This is the real problem.

The media doesn’t do enough to acknowledge that the media has a role in perpetuating this toxic masculinity.

In my case, my father was the perfect example of how the mainstream mainstream media does not do enough in acknowledging the reality of what it means to be a white male in America.

He was a Vietnam War veteran, a proud Vietnam veteran who saw the war as a necessary struggle.

He understood that there were good people in the country who had lost their sons and daughters in the wars, but he also understood that they were also fighting a war for equality and freedom, for social justice and democracy.”

He said the media had not done enough to make this clear in the wake of Trump’s election victory.

The same article says:”I want the media to stop saying things like ‘I hate Donald Trump.

He’s racist and a misogynist.’

If they do that, the next time they talk about Trump, they will have to apologize.”

The author also spoke about why he believes Asian American males still have a lot of work to do.

He believes that the white male privilege that the mainstream narrative has been teaching is an incredibly problematic narrative.

The article says that the White Man’s Burden narrative “is about the White man as the savior, the protector, the man with all the rights and responsibilities.

It’s a narrative that celebrates white masculinity, the idea that white men are always the heroes, that they always have to save us.””

This has a history, it has a long history, but it has never been properly addressed by mainstream media, not by the American media, and not by most of the Asian American communities.

So I think it is important to take a moment to acknowledge this and to do something about it.”

This article originally appeared at National Review.