Chicago Hotel


— The Radisson Hotel was designed by architect Frank Gehry.

He also designed the hotel at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Gehry was a proponent of modern architecture and a prominent proponent of the theme park industry.

He also designed some of the most famous theme parks in the world.

His most famous work is Disney’s The Lion King, the largest film and television production ever built.

At the end of the 19th century, he designed the Hotel Central, a hotel that had rooms for 2,000 people.

The hotel had no elevator, which led to a variety of problems.

In 1911, he created the first elevator at the Hotel Grand Hotel in Los Angeles, which was built in a single-story frame.

It was named the first elevator in the United States and the first in the country.

Over the years, the hotel was changed, and now it is known as the Radston.

This is the fourth installment in a series looking at the life of the hotel.

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