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What you need to know about New Zealand hotels: • The hotel rates listed below are based on a range of options, with a few exceptions.

If you have any questions about the rates, please contact the hotel directly.

• The best hotel to stay at in New Zeland is: The Royal Garden Inn Auckland, 3-3.5 times the national average.

• It is not a guarantee that the rates listed are the best rates in your area.

The rates are subject to change and there are no guarantees that the hotels listed below will be the best.

For the most up-to-date information about New Ziland hotels, including rates, see our guide to New Zealand hotel bookings.

How to book a hotel in New England: • Visit the bookings section of the website.

• For a list of all New England hotels, visit the New England hotel booking site.

• You can use our hotel search to find hotels in your chosen region.

• If you’re not sure about a hotel, you can contact the hotels directly.

When to visit New Zealand: • From February 1 until March 31.

• From March 1 until April 30.

• On the day before your arrival, check your email to see if your booking has been confirmed.

• As the weather improves, you should check the forecast.

• See our New Zealand weather guide for more information.

Why choose a New Zealand resort?• There are some very good reasons why New Zealand is a good choice for a holiday:• The landscapes are spectacular and the people are friendly• There is plenty of opportunity for family holidays with family and friends• The tourism industry is strong and growing• The New Zealand economy is strong• There’s plenty of room for business and leisure activities• New Zealand has a number of natural wonders to explore and sights to see• The weather is generally warm and sunny, making it ideal for a family holiday• New Zildag is a popular holiday destination, especially with tourists from around the world, who come for the spectacular scenery.• There have been many international airfares added to New Zoland.

The cost of flights to and from New Zealand to the United States has dropped dramatically in recent years, so many people now travel by plane.• The capital of New Zealand, Wellington, has a huge tourist industry and has a long-standing reputation for hospitality.

The city is also home to many cultural institutions, and has long been considered a popular destination for foreign visitors.• New South Wales has a thriving tourist industry.

The state’s capital Sydney is also well known for its tourist attractions, with the famous Sydney Opera House and the Bondi Beach area also popular destinations for sightseeing.• Australia has been known as the home of a number world-class and world-famous cultures.

New Zealand’s largest city, Wellington has become a cultural capital and an international financial centre, with an international airport.• South Africa’s capital Pretoria is a major financial centre with a large population of expats and many international tourists.

The capital, Pretoria, has an internationally renowned art and culture sector.• In New Zealand we enjoy a variety of activities including a number sports, including rugby league, footy and cricket.• Many New Zealanders travel to Europe for the winter and the spring.

New South Africa has a vibrant sporting and cultural scene, with many international events being held.• And in New York, the most famous city in the world is located in Manhattan.

There are plenty of activities to do, shopping and dining, and the city’s skyline is famous for its skyscrapers and many skyscrapes.

What to expect in New South Zealand:• New New Zealand will have a range, but the best places to stay are the two hotels listed above.• If you are staying in a town near a lake, the hotel will have the same services as a hotel.• A small portion of the hotels in New Mexico and Washington, DC, are owned by foreign companies, while most of the rest are owned or operated by locals.• You will be able to see New Zealand at all times in person and via satellite.• Some of the country’s beaches are popular places for surfing and diving, and there is also an abundance of marine life, especially seals and sea lions.• For a more relaxed experience, the New Zealand countryside offers plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, horseback riding, and birdwatching.• We are a long way from any major cities, but it is easy to find a cheap accommodation near your holiday spot, and it is often cheaper than to spend a night in a hotel and pay for a car.• At the end of your stay, you may want to visit a local heritage site.

The most popular are the Canterbury Archaeological Station, Canterbury Castle and Canterbury Cathedral.• When you get to New York City, you will need to get off the plane at JFK Airport.