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Cryptocurrency exchange market has been a very volatile one, with prices going up and down and with some coins being traded at astronomical volumes.

The main reason for this is that most of the altcoins are being traded in a highly speculative manner.

That’s why, the market is looking at adding altcoins on Alibaba’s marketplace.

Currently, the Chinese-based platform has over 500,000 altcoins available to trade on its platform.

It is a fairly lucrative market for many crypto investors.

Alibaba is the second largest platform in the world, with about 10.4 billion users.

According to research by eMarketer, China has become the world’s second largest market for digital currencies.

It has a market capitalization of US$2.3 trillion.

Align and align: The new digital currency with blockchain tech to help ease digital divide in India source Digital Trends article Alibaba has launched a new digital asset called “Align” that is aimed at addressing the digital divide.

The new platform will provide a solution for people in India who have not been able to access cryptocurrency due to the financial restrictions of the country.

Alignment is a new platform created by Alibaba that provides solutions for digital payments.

Users can buy and sell digital currencies with ease and in a secure manner.

The platform will be launched in India on July 25.

Align is also expected to roll out to the US and Singapore on August 6.

Aligning will be available in the US as well as the UK and Germany in the near future.

The new platform was launched on May 5.

The platform is designed to help people who have been unable to access digital currencies due to their financial restrictions in India.

The company says it will offer solutions for Indian digital currency users who are not able to make a purchase using cryptocurrency.

“Align provides users with the ability to store digital currencies in the cloud.

The user can access the currency from their smartphone and pay for it using the bitcoin and other digital currencies,” Alibaba said in a statement.

Alts are also being offered in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Alignment has also partnered with US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, which is offering digital currencies and other services for Indian customers.