Chicago Hotel

The Red Lion Hotel in New York City’s Times Square is closing as a result of safety concerns, The Associated Press has learned.

The hotel, located at 715 Fifth Ave., is slated to close Jan. 28, according to an official with knowledge of the plans.

It will be replaced by an entirely new facility, which the hotel will not be able to use.

No specific dates were released.

A spokeswoman for Red Lion said it was aware of the news and was working to determine the impact on the hotel’s guests.

The move comes as the hotel has been criticized for its lack of security measures.

The AP found several of its employees have been arrested for crimes such as shoplifting, drug possession and assault.

The Red Lion has not disclosed the exact number of employees who will be affected by the closure.

The hotel has more than 10,000 rooms and an occupancy rate of around 85 percent.

The Red Lions website does not list an occupancy target for the hotel, but in an interview last week, the hotel manager said he expected that occupancy would remain low as long as it was safe.

A spokesman for the Hotel Association of New York, a nonprofit group representing hotel owners, did not immediately return a message seeking comment.