Chicago Hotel

It’s the name of the hotel that opened in the mid-19th century and now houses the world’s tallest building.

The Stansly Hotel is the world record holder for the tallest building, and it’s located in the heart of the CBD, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Stanley is also the largest indoor swimming pool in Australia, according to the Australian Institute of Architects.

The stanly is owned by the state government, which also owns the Stansleys old hotel, and the building is currently being converted into a community centre and community recreation centre.

There’s a reason it’s named the Stanleys, it’s a name that stands for a couple of different things: the Stanyans family and the Sydney Hotel, the former Stansling Hotel.

The stansley is named after the Stannyans, the family that owned the Staningley Hotel, which was founded in 1877.

The name Stansleys came from the first name of one of the brothers.

It’s a very nice surname.

And you have the surname of the Staneys.

And that means Stansler, which means ‘little stanes’.

So the Stanesley Hotel was named after one of those two brothers, which led to a number of other families being named after them.

And so it became one of Australia’s most famous hotels.

The family owned the hotel, which has been a Sydney landmark since 1877, for a long time.

And as time went on, it grew into the largest building in Australia.

The hotel became the world building record for the height of a building, which made it the world standard for building tall buildings.

But in 1905, the hotel became a symbol of the New South Wales Government, and they decided to take it off the standard list of buildings.

And the Staniels were very much aware of that decision, which they had to make because it was not part of their financial interests.

So they wanted to preserve it and to continue to have it in their family.

So the Stanners had to decide, ‘How do we preserve it?

And what is the best way to do that?’

And they decided they needed a name.

So in 1905 the name Staniles Hotel was chosen.

It was originally called the Stanton’s Hotel.

And it was a very popular hotel.

And then it was sold to the Stannys, and then it went into the Stanseys, which then became the Stanneys, who then became owners of the Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The hotel was a success, it was able to become a very successful hotel, because of the hospitality of the people who stayed there, who came to the hotel for their daily needs.

It’s a small hotel.

It has a little bar and kitchen.

And there’s a little restaurant.

It was a small restaurant, but it was very popular.

And in the 1920s, it became a tourist attraction, and also a landmark in Sydney.

And the hotel is still in use today.

But it was also a very well-known hotel, with many people coming to Sydney for a day’s stay.

And when the Stanays family died in 1903, it went out of business.

And so, in 1905 they decided that they were going to take over the Staniays Hotel.

And they purchased the Stanoys and built it in 1904, and when they were done they put the stanys on a pedestal in front of the front gate.

And they were also very proud of it, and wanted to keep it as a historic building.

But at the same time, they also had a very big interest in the Olympic and the Paralympics.

So there were many plans to make it a hotel of the world, which would be the largest in the world.

And for that they needed to do something different.

So they went out to some other people to look at different options.

And one of them was a group of people who were friends of the family, the Stants, and one of their mates, Robert Stans, became a prominent member of the group.

He came to Sydney to help design the Sydney Olympics and Paralyms facilities.

And he was the head of the team of architects.

And Robert Stant also became a major figure in the development of the hotels of Sydney, and a key architect of the city of Sydney.

He was also very involved in the building of the new Sydney Olympic Park, and was very keen on the Olympic Games.

So the Olympic Park was a part of Robert Stanys vision, and that was the Olympic Stadium.

And he was also quite keen on Sydney becoming a world-class city, and he also wanted to be a part the Sydney Sports and Entertainment District, which had been established by Robert Stann, which included a huge number of sports facilities.

And Robert Stanton was