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A new article by Ars Technic’s Chris O’Donnell offers a great example of how Airbnb is allowing hotels to offer guests free hotel rooms on Airbnb.

In the article, O’Neill describes how he used Airbnb to book a hotel room for a friend’s family in Nashville for a weekend trip.

The family was visiting from California, and Airbnb allowed the Airbnb host to charge them a “free” hotel room, which they could use as an excuse to come back to Nashville.

O’Donnell says the host paid $3,500 for the room, and it was advertised as being on Airbnb for $5,000.

“As soon as my friend arrived, I called Airbnb and they told me it was a free room,” O’Connor said.

“So I was just like, ‘That’s it.

We’re done.

This is a great deal.'”

In the end, Ollie says the family paid a total of $10,000 for their stay at the Airbnb house, which he used to rent a room for his friends.

He wrote about the experience in an article for Forbes:”I was so happy I could make it happen and to be able to book an Airbnb room for my friends was an awesome feeling,” Ollies son, Josh, said.

The hotel room they were looking for was booked for $9,000 and was for their family, so they thought the offer was worth it.

Josh says he paid $5k for the Airbnb room and says it was worth the wait.

“We had a great time and I feel like we did get a really great experience with Airbnb,” Josh said.

The hotel was also on Airbnb’s website for free for the whole family to use, and Josh said he was able to save money by staying in the room instead of taking the train home.

Airbnb also offered an additional $20 per night if guests were staying for more than 48 hours, but Ollys family only stayed for about 24 hours.

Ollie’s story has been shared on other blogs, and his story was featured in Forbes.

The hosts in this example had to use the Airbnb program to charge guests, but they were not charged any fees, and they could then use the room as a way to make money from Airbnb’s platform.

Airbnb’s website describes how you can use your free room as an “invite to stay,” so it doesn’t require the host to be a member of the Airbnb group.

Airbnb allows hosts to rent rooms from other hosts, and guests can use the free room for free if they’re staying for less than 48 days.OLLY’s story is just one example of Airbnb’s new “free hotel room” program, and the company said it’s been rolling out free hotel room programs since 2016.

“With our free hotel program, hotels can give guests the opportunity to share in their experience and stay at their favorite destination while staying with their friends or family,” Airbnb said in a statement to Ars.

“For hosts, it’s a great way to give guests a reason to come to the host’s property and help them maximize the time they spend there.”

For hosts who are not members of the company’s Airbnb community, guests are still charged $3 per night, and an additional charge of $20 for the entire time a guest stays in the hosthouse.

Airbnb said the $3 fee was meant to make it easier for hosts to stay in the company and avoid having to pay for room rentals.