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One of the cheapest hotels in the Santa Cruz area, the Inn at The Cove, offers a $10,000-a-night stay.

The room is also $10 a night below the average price for a standard room in the area.

The Inn at the Cove, located at the corner of Sunset and Santa Cruz Streets, was once a posh hotel with fancy rooms.

Now it’s a $2-a, day-night hotel with no room service.

Hotel Tonight host David Egan has been a frequent traveler to Santa Cruz since 2013.

Egan said the Inn offers an array of cheap lodging options.

“I think the fact that it’s at the end of Sunset, it’s right across the street from a popular shopping area, is a plus,” Egan told Vice News.

Ewan said he has stayed at the Inn for a couple of months and is looking forward to getting back in touch with the host.

“You can just go to any of the hotels in town and have a good night’s sleep,” Ewan told Vice.

Ebin said he is looking to stay at the hotel for a long time.

“It’s a very comfortable place to stay,” he told Vice, adding that it was easy to find room service in the rooms.

The hotel is located on Sunset Street, across from the Santa Monica Pier and the Santa Ana Hotel.

It is a short walk to the airport, the city’s main shopping area and the beach.